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Painted Fall Centerpiece

Dining Room Before & After Including Updated Fall Centerpiece

Painted Fall Centerpiece

Know what the key ingredient was for updating this Fall centerpiece?

Spray paint! Specifically several different shades of metallic spray paint.

My friend Jan has a large Fall centerpiece that I have admired for several years. This year I went to her home and it was completely different. Gone were the oranges, reds & yellow golds and in their place was this shimmering neutral beauty.

In fact, that wasn’t the only thing that was different.

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Sweater Pillow

Why you Should Think Twice Before Throwing out Old Sweaters

Sweater Pillow (3)

I loved this sweater vest. Especially the fringe.

But it didn’t like me. Every time I wore it I felt frumpy.

As I was relegating it to the garage sale pile I had second thoughts.

No second thoughts about keeping it to wear…thoughts about what I could make with it.

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Aqua Door and Lace Garland

Springtime Inspiration: Front Porches, Wisteria Vines and Aqua Doors

Welcoming Victorian Entrance

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend. We attended a Saturday night Easter Worship service with my Sister-in-law Gina and her family, participated in two worship services at our home church, spent the afternoon cooking and the evening at Gina’s home for Easter dinner.

Years ago Gina said, “Let’s have Easter at my house because it matches!”  And it does! Inside and out. :)

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Christmas Kitchen (2)

Our Christmas Home Tour ~ Kitchen & Dining Room

Christmas Kitchen (2)

The mantle over my stove and the space above the refrigerator were the only Kitchen spots to get much Christmas attention this year.

I’ve had the burlap wrapped twin trees for years and they’re still one of my favorites. Can you believe when I first bought them I covered up the burlap with velvet and toile. They looked really cute that way but now I’m loving the burlap.

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Arch Garland

A 1928 Christmas Home Tour

Arch Garland

Old houses have a special place in my heart and I absolutely love this one. Built in 1928 it is filled with charming details like nooks & crannies, arched doors & windows, slanted ceilings and stairs that talk to you. :)

My friend Charletta asked me to help her this year with her Christmas decorations and I jumped at the chance to spend the day with her and visit her gorgeous home again.

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Christmas Tree (2)

Mini Christmas Tour and a Growing Nativity Collection

Christmas Tree (2)Today you’re invited on a mini Christmas Tour of a home you may recognize.

Three years ago, during my first Christmas as a blogger, I visited Tim and Elizabeth’s home just as it was all decked out for an upcoming Christmas Home Tour.

Merry and Bright and Gorgeous! 

As luck would have it, I recently delivered some updated valances (which you’ll see a peek of here but more details coming soon) right in time for Christmas. Again!

And I just happened to have my camera!

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