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Rustic Fireplace & Stockings

A Rustic Merry Christmas

The Stockings were HungMy friend Jan has a lovely home with a fireplace that belongs in a mountain cabin surrounded by snow. I can only image the fire this massive rock fireplace could produce!

I’ve decorated Jan’s home for Christmas for the past 10 years. She has said that having me in to decorate is like a Christmas gift to herself. 🙂 So sweet! Jan has a large collection of ornaments and Christmas decor that I’ve rotated throughout the years so that it’s a bit different each year.

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Christmas Wrapping in Gray & White

Simple Gift Wrap and How to Rust Your Own Jingle Bells

Christmas Wrapping in Gray & WhiteIt’s the second week of December, I haven’t bought a single gift and my christmas decorations have only made it from the attic to the entry hall. And there they sit.

I’ve decorated 3 houses and one business for Christmas and hope…HOPE…to start on my own house this week.

Last year, by the time I wrapped my packages, it was too late to post about them. So, today’s gift wrapping is brought to you by Christmas Past.

I love it when a package is really a presentation but I rarely have time to put that kind of time into my gift wrapping. Who does? I also like to use paper that’s a bit outside the norm. Not your typical red and green Christmas paper.
Last year I purchased gray and white striped paper to wrap our gifts and I loved the way they turned out.
I stayed simple using twine, yarn, a few pine cones and rusty jingle bells.  Continue reading

How to Change Your Christmas Color Scheme (6)

How to Easily Change Your Christmas Color Scheme for Next Year

Beyond the Screen Door Christmas  (18)

WAIT! Before you take down your Christmas Tree…and I realize as I write this I may already be too late for those over achievers who’ve already packed up, cleaned up and neatly put everything away.

Just in case there are a few of you who, like me, aren’t about to touch that tree until next week, I’ve got a few tips and tricks for you if you’ve been thinking about changing your Christmas color scheme.  Continue reading

Beyond the Screen Door Christmas  (12)

Our Christmas Home Tour

Beyond the Screen Door Christmas  (24)

In the past I’ve been known to take up to three weeks to “finish” my Christmas decorating.

Not that I decorate on a scale that should require three weeks but sometimes it takes me that long to quit tweaking and put away the boxes.

This year, I decorated before Thanksgiving and, since Thanksgiving was at my house, all the boxes were back in the attic within a few days. I have to admit, while I miss the results of the extra weeks of tweaking, I’ve enjoyed the freedom to be content with what was accomplished those first few days.

Welcome to our Christmas Home Tour.

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Mom & Dad's House Christmas

So It’s The Week of Christmas…Christmas Inspiration

Christmas Cow

It’s the week of Christmas. How does this happened? Thanksgiving..,one blink…and it’s Christmas.

In November, I liked the idea that Thanksgiving was late this year.
In December, I’m playing catch-up because Thanksgiving was late this year.
But guess what? In 2018 Thanksgiving falls on the 22nd!

While it has been crazy this month, I have manage to take a bunch of pics that I’ve gathered together for a last bit of holiday inspiration to help you with your Christmas decor.

And if not this year? Pin for next year! 🙂

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Tutorial: How to Make a Rag Quilt Tree Skirt

Shaggy Rag Quilt Tree Skirt

Making a rag quilt anything is not a quick project. It takes a bit of time and patience but I simply adore the texture this process creates.

Rag Quilt Flag Pillow 1

My first rag quilt project was a Rag Quilt Flag Pillow. I liked the results so much I decided to try it out on a tree skirt.

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Tree Skirt with Velvet Ruffle

14 Tree Skirts to Spark Your Christmas Creativity

Tree Skirt with Velvet Ruffle

I made this tree skirt last year for my client Tara and it’s one of my all time favorites. Probably because of the apple green velvet. There’s no probably about it. You guys know how much I love velvet. Especially this time of year.

The tree skirt features the same shade of velvet we used on Tara’s kitchen cafe curtains on the 2″ ruffle around the edge & ties. The 3/4″ flange is from a red & gold dot while the body of the skirt is made from a fairly heavy weight linen/canvas like fabric and lined with white cotton.
Ruffled Tree Skirt (3) One tree skirt down, 13 more to go…

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