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Recoved Lamp shade (4)

Curvy Lamp Shade ~ Updated & Recovered

Recoved Lamp shade (24)

I’ve shared several lamp shade projects over the years but this one may be the most difficult to date.

Working with only two fabrics plus a lining wasn’t the struggle but the shape of the shade made things a bit tricky.

I began the process by taking a good look at how the shade had been constructed in the first place.

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Houndstooth & Burlap Curtain (12)

Houndstooth & Burlap Curtains – An Unexpected Combination

Houndstooth & Burlap Curtain (12)

Houndstooth and Burlap. Not a common fabric combination.
But for this in-home beauty salon, it was the perfect collaboration.

Kerrie’s beauty salon is located in a back-porch-turned-beauty-salon that was enclosed by the previous home owners. The large wall of south facing windows offers an abundance of natural light but can be over powering during certain months of the year.

Kerrie made the burlap cafe curtains to help with light control but wanted a valance to pair with the burlap and provide color as well as additional sun block.

Houndstooth & Burlap Curtain (3)

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How to Recover a Lamp Shade

Creating a Lamp Shade Slipcover with Six Different Fabrics


How to Recover a Lamp Shade

Meghan sent me this lampshade along with 6 different fabrics in shades of red, gold and black and asked it I’d recover it for her. Well, technically she asked before she shipped it.

As you can see, the before shade is very cute but Meghan wanted to spice things up a bit.

Warning: Lots of how-to pics ahead!

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Sweater Pillow

Why you Should Think Twice Before Throwing out Old Sweaters

Sweater Pillow (3)

I loved this sweater vest. Especially the fringe.

But it didn’t like me. Every time I wore it I felt frumpy.

As I was relegating it to the garage sale pile I had second thoughts.

No second thoughts about keeping it to wear…thoughts about what I could make with it.

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How to Correct Crooked Fabric (5)

What To Do When Your Fabric Is Crooked

How to Correct Crooked Fabric (5)

Wonky Fabric.

Has this ever happened to you? You roll out fabric for a new project and the pattern on the fabric is wonky…as in uneven, not straight, crooked…wonky.

Cut fabric as is with a crooked pattern.
Cut fabric according to the pattern and run the risk of the curtains not hanging correctly.
Straighten the wonky fabric.

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How to Make Fabric Flowers

Easy Tutorial: How to Make Fabric Flowers

How to Make Fabric Flowers

I am so excited about how CUTE these flowers turned out! And they’re so easy!

Jennifer asked me to make a couple of fabric flowers to be used as tie backs for her daughter’s creamy velvet curtains and this is what I came up with. I’m fighting the urge to add them to every pillow, curtain and lampshade in sight!

And did I mention easy? They’re so easy! Here’s all the details and how to’s.

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Lamp Shade Makeover (15)

How to Recover a Lamp Shade #2 ~ Neutrals & Pom Poms

Lamp Shade Makeover (2)

Let’s begin this post by saying that this lamp shade and lamp base are not meant to go together.

I feel much better.

I’ve put off writing this post because I have this darling new lamp shade tutorial to share with you but no lamp base. My first intention was to paint over this one and then I thought maybe I’d buy a new one. Neither one has happened.

Since this lampshade is for Karianne’s room and her room is still a work in progress, we’re forgoing the final reveal for the sake of the Tutorial!

How to Recover a Lamp Shade 

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