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Ivory & Gray Cafe Curtain 2

Beaded Cafe Curtain and How to Sew On Curtain Rings

Ivory & Gray Cafe Curtain 2

When it comes to curtain hardware – rods, brackets and rings – I have a few standards that I tend to use the most often.

This small 1″ black metal ring is available just about anywhere curtain hardware is sold. The trouble is it’s usually available as a clip ring.

What if you’d rather sew on the rings? No problem. Nothing a pair of pliers can’t fix.  Continue reading

Mud:Storage Bench

Tutorial: How to Make A Grocery Tote Bag

Mud:Storage Bench

I love bags. I’m not a purse girl but I love bags.  All shapes and sizes and purposes.

If I’m honest, this obsession could get out of hand.

Today, I’m going to show you how to make your own, inexpensive if not free, tote bag!

A few months ago I came across the black and white striped wedding runner we used in Kaleigh and Jared’s wedding and surprise, surprise decided to make a tote bag.

Actually, I made 2 bags and a pair of curtains for Kaleigh’s apartment! (see end of post)
Tutorial Make Your Own Tote Bag Continue reading

Baby Duvet Cover 1

Orange, Green & Pink Baby or Toddler Duvet Cover

Baby Duvet Cover 1I recently had the opportunity to make a baby duvet cover for a client’s grandaughter as she progressed from her crib to a toddler bed. The large scale floral was used as part of the crib bedding so we carried the pattern over to the duvet cover adding solid orange, green & fuchsia to the mix.

Today I’m sharing a semi-tutorial for this project.  Continue reading

Pillow with Pleated Ruffle Detail

Pleated Ruffle Pillows

Pillow with Pleated Ruffle Detail

I think one of the cutest details I’ve used on pillows is the little corner ruffle or pleat. You can see just how often I use this detail by glancing through Pillows or Pillow Details in The Gallery

Today’s batch of pillows is all about the pleated ruffle instead of a gathered ruffle. Two pillows are pleated only on the corners and while the other is pleated all the way around.  Continue reading

Black Check & Red Floral Valance How-to 19

Buffalo Check & Floral Board Mounted Valance Tutorial

Black Check & Red Floral Valance How-to 19

Today’s valance was inspired by the most asked about window treatment on the blog. We took the basic concept of both the style and fabric combination and tweaked it for a client making two valances and one cafe curtain based on the inspiration curtain.

Today I’m sharing the basic steps for making this scalloped, board mounted valance.  Continue reading

Stitching Detail on Pillow

My Favorite Trick When Using Leftover Fabric

Stitching Detail on Pillow

What if you want to make something using leftover fabric but all you have is odd pieces that aren’t big enough for anything!?!

With my client’s projects, leftover fabric can range from scraps to several yards. I’m always thinking about what else we can use this fabric for.

IF…we want to use it again. It is possible to have too much of a good thing.

In the case of this raspberry red linen, we used it for a kitchen valance and agreed it would be nice on a pillow in Missy’s adjoining living room.

The leftovers?
Two identical pieces measuring 14″ wide by 55″ long. Not the right size for much of anything.

The solution?
Piece it, add top stitching and pretend you meant to do that all along!  Continue reading

Cotton Lace Cafe Curtain

Cafe Curtain Tutorial and Guidelines

Cotton Lace Cafe Curtain (3)

This sweet little cafe curtain is a style that works in just about every room in the house. Here it’s shown above a kitchen sink but I’ve used this curtain, or variations of it, in entry halls, bathrooms, bedrooms, offices, living rooms and dining rooms.

Today I’m sharing a tutorial for this simple curtain, made from one piece of fabric. Technically, I suppose it’s one piece of fabric per panel.

Besides your fabric, all you need is a little bit of math, an iron and a straight stitch.

That’s it!

Continue reading

Box pleated bed skirt (9)

The Anatomy of a Box Pleat Bed Skirt

Box pleated bed skirt (9)

The thought of making your own bed skirt can be a bit daunting. Especially a gathered bed skirt made for any size larger than a twin.

The process is really not hard. It’s handling all that fabric that can be bulky and tiresome.

A box pleat bed skirt takes less fabric than a gathered skirt and is much easier to handle.

Today, I’m breaking down the anatomy of an unlined, box pleat bed skirt.

Aka…the next best thing to a true How-To post since someone didn’t take any pictures during the process. Continue reading

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