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Aqua Door and Lace Garland

Springtime Inspiration: Front Porches, Wisteria Vines and Aqua Doors

Welcoming Victorian Entrance

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend. We attended a Saturday night Easter Worship service with my Sister-in-law Gina and her family, participated in two worship services at our home church, spent the afternoon cooking and the evening at Gina’s home for Easter dinner.

Years ago Gina said, “Let’s have Easter at my house because it matches!”  And it does! Inside and out. 🙂

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Upholstered Headborad Girls Bedroom

Teen Girl’s Bedroom

Upholstered Headborad Girls Bedroom

With three girls I’ve decorated my share of girl’s bedrooms. Many times over. We’ve swapped rooms, switched furniture, repainted, sewn new bedding, moved out, moved back in…and I’ve loved every minute of it.

Recently, my youngest took it upon herself to move everything in her room she no longer wanted or liked to the attic.  I walked in her room to find bare walls.

It looks like Whoville after the Grinch stole everything!

There is one mirror and 2 picture frames left. Besides her furniture…that’s it! Curtains…gone. Pillows…gone. Artwork…gone! LOL! I guess we’ll be redecorating.

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1-Turquoise Doors

A Collection of Turquoise Doors

Beyond the Screen Door Turqoise Door

My Turquoise Front Door

It’s been almost three years since I painted my front door. At the time I never could have imagined what an impact this one little door would make.

Since that time I’ve received the most amazing emails and comments of how this door has inspired others to take the challenge of a bright and colorful entrance for their homes.

A few months ago, I wrote a post asking anyone who would like to share their turquoise, aqua or blue door here on Beyond the Screen Door to send me an email with pictures and any other details they’d like to share.

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Beyond the Screen Door Layered Valance

Amy’s Kitchen Valance

Beyond the Screen Door Layered ValanceThis valance has the distinction of being the longest valance I’ve ever made as well as the one with the most pieces! Longest as in widest spanning over 16′ of wall space.

Not only was it the longest but it was one of the most fun valances I’ve ever made due to these cool fabrics! So much fun to work with. You’ve seen this fabric previously as pillows.

In case you like statistics…

  • Valance covered 195.5″ of wall space
  • If stretched out, valance is 384″ long aka 32′
  • Mounted with 13 medallions
  • 4 different fabrics
  • 63 individual pieces for main valance including lining & loops.
  • 12 yds of fabric

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Stack of Magazines

How I Got Rid of Old Magazines and Gave My Husband a Cold

Or so he says….

I hope everyone had a blessed Mother’s Day! We had a wonderful day in the Hamilton House.  See a few details of our day by following along on Instagram! Details below. 

Now, about this accusation of giving my husband a cold…

In the cleaning out process for my garage sale I decided I HAD to get rid of these old magazines. It’s amazing how attached you get to these things. But the clutter had to go!

Stack of Magazines

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