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Houndstooth & Burlap Curtain (12)

Houndstooth & Burlap Curtains – An Unexpected Combination

Houndstooth & Burlap Curtain (12)

Houndstooth and Burlap. Not a common fabric combination.
But for this in-home beauty salon, it was the perfect collaboration.

Kerrie’s beauty salon is located in a back-porch-turned-beauty-salon that was enclosed by the previous home owners. The large wall of south facing windows offers an abundance of natural light but can be over powering during certain months of the year.

Kerrie made the burlap cafe curtains to help with light control but wanted a valance to pair with the burlap and provide color as well as additional sun block.

Houndstooth & Burlap Curtain (3)

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Farmhouse Garden (2)

A Farmhouse Wedding Shower & Tour


I do not covet my sister’s house. I will not covet my sister’s house.

But, I will admit, I’d love to find an old farmhouse to call my own that has just as much charm as this one. Charm and character that says welcome even before you walk in the door.

But Sheri would have to design the landscape and maintain the flower beds because my creativity doesn’t venture much beyond the screen door.  Pun intended. :) 

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Blackout Lined Grommet Panels on Triple Window

How to Treat 3 Corner Windows and A Triple French Door All in One Master Bedroom

Blackout lined Grommet Panels The view from this master bedroom is breathtaking. A beautiful backyard that meanders down to a neighborhood lake complete with water fountain. Several years ago Rhonda chose light and airy window treatments that allowed as much light as possible in her master bedroom. While stunning, the side effect of these open concept window treatments was a lack of privacy and little-to-no light control…both day and night. Shady afternoon naps were not an option and nighttime traffic through the neighborhood often resulted in headlights shining directly into the bedroom. Triple French Doors with Transom This time around we chose a simple, classic design that still allows plenty of light into her master bedroom but provides the ultimate in privacy and light control when needed. Continue reading

Window Treatment Dilemma

Ask Sonya ~ A Solution for Jennifer’s Window Treatment Dilemma

Window Treatment Dilemma

Ask Sonya is a new series here at Beyond the Screen Door designed to help you with your awkward, unusual, how-on-earth-am-I-going-to-fix-this window treatment dilemmas.

Ask Sonya

Jennifer’s living room has 20′ ceilings and tall, arched windows. Her current window treatment dilemma.

When it comes to dressing these tall, often two story windows, the first decision is not design or fabric but length. The details come later.

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