How to Treat 3 Corner Windows and A Triple French Door All in One Master Bedroom

Blackout lined Grommet Panels The view from this master bedroom is breathtaking. A beautiful backyard that meanders down to a neighborhood lake complete with water fountain. Several years ago Rhonda chose light and airy window treatments that allowed as much light as possible in her master bedroom. While stunning, the side effect of these open concept window treatments was a lack of privacy and little-to-no light control…both day and night. Shady afternoon naps were not an option and nighttime traffic through the neighborhood often resulted in headlights shining directly into the bedroom. Triple French Doors with Transom This time around we chose a simple, classic design that still allows plenty of light into her master bedroom but provides the ultimate in privacy and light control when needed. Continue Reading…

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Kaleigh’s Wedding – First Glimpse

KJB Wedding - The Bride The Beautiful Bride.

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A Quick Wedding Update

The Bride & Her Groom

Tomorrow is Kaleigh and Jared’s big day!

We are so excited for them. The preparations have run the gamut from arranging fresh flowers to making an unusual aisle cloth. From making more chicken salad than I’d like to recall to cleaning 50 year old milk bottles covered in dust. From cleaning my neglected house to…you name it!

Here’s a few random pre-wedding week details to bring you up to date…

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The Ultimate in Whimsical Light Fixtures

Whimsical Chandy

The light fixture hanging in my sister-in-law Gina’s entry hall is one of the most unique you will ever see. You can’t help but smile when you walk into her home.

This Chandy of Whimsicality is a collection of at least 9 different elements…maybe more.

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Wisteria Covered Backyard Getaway


Backyard Gazebo (3)

A few weeks ago I shared my sister-in-law Gina’s front porch and promised more pics of the outside of her home. Today I’m sharing pics from her backyard.

Gina and her husband George added the gazebo to their backyard landscape several years ago. The flagstones, wisteria, rosebushes and so forth were added soon after.

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Shabby, Chic and Romantic Dining Room and More

Shabby Chic Dining Room (2)

My SIL Gina’s entire home is filled with eclectic details and her dining room is no exception. But here you will find plenty of shabby chic details as well. Literally. There are several elements you may recognize from the Rachel Ashwell’s Shabby Chic collection.

Gina’s dining room sits directly across the entry hall from the Parlor.

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Wedding Countdown

J&K Passion Church Shower

Wedding Countdown…two weeks.

Two weeks until these precious kids will finally be married. It’s been quite a journey getting to this point. If you’ve followed here for a while you may know of Kaleigh’s health scare (read more here, here and here) this past year that caused them to postpone their wedding from last November to this June.

But Kaleigh is doing GREAT (Praise the Lord!) and their big day is just 2 weeks away!

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A French Farmhouse Master Bedroom Makeover

Master Bedroom Makeover

Today, I’m bragging on my friend Pamela’s master bedroom makeover. Pamela blogs over at From My Front Porch to Yours and recently finished this portion of her new master bedroom retreat, of which I had a very small part.

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