Baby Duvet Cover 1

Orange, Green & Pink Baby or Toddler Duvet Cover

Baby Duvet Cover 1I recently had the opportunity to make a baby duvet cover for a client’s grandaughter as she progressed from her crib to a toddler bed. The large scale floral was used as part of the crib bedding so we carried the pattern over to the duvet cover adding solid orange, green & fuchsia to the mix.

Today I’m sharing a semi-tutorial for this project.  Continue reading


A Closer Look at My Kitchen

Living Room & KitchenWe’ve lived in our home for 10 years now and while there are several things I’d love to tweak I’m still very pleased with my kitchen and how it functions.

The original house plans called for a wall with typical upper cabinet storage where you now see the bar and barstools.
The kitchen was only partially open to the family room on the left end. We removed this load bearing wall and installed a large beam for support. Hands down the best decision we made!

While I love the kitchen open to the family room I was a bit concerned about the lost storage. But honestly, I’ve not missed those upper cabinets once! Continue reading

Pillow with Pleated Ruffle Detail

Pleated Ruffle Pillows

Pillow with Pleated Ruffle Detail

I think one of the cutest details I’ve used on pillows is the little corner ruffle or pleat. You can see just how often I use this detail by glancing through Pillows or Pillow Details in The Gallery

Today’s batch of pillows is all about the pleated ruffle instead of a gathered ruffle. Two pillows are pleated only on the corners and while the other is pleated all the way around.  Continue reading

Silk Plaid Goblet Pleat Dining Room Panels

Aqua Silk Buffalo Plaid Dining Room Curtains

Silk Plaid Goblet Pleat Dining Room PanelsThis aqua silk buffalo plaid is simply gorgeous! It’s one of my favorite fabrics. I’ve worked with it twice now. Once as floor length, pinch pleated panels in a family room and today as floor length, goblet pleated panels in Irene’s dining room.

You guys know how much I love the transformation fabric makes in a room. Especially curtains. This fabric made a HUGE difference not only in this room but in the open concept of this home.
Continue reading

fox house nashville 8

When Imperfect Details Are The Best Details


fox house nashville 7

If you’re reading this blog its probably because you like houses or interior design. Or maybe you’re looking for pillow or curtain inspiration. You’re here because you’re interested in the details. Because details are important.

When I sew, I can be a stickler for details. Especially for a client.
I want things done right. Perfect. If possible.
When I’m sewing for myself…I tend to me a bit more lax. Not sure why that is, but it’s true.

When we stayed in the tree house several of the details were not perfect.
In fact they were imperfect.
And those imperfections are what made the tree house perfect! Continue reading

Black Check & Red Floral Valance How-to 19

Buffalo Check & Floral Board Mounted Valance Tutorial

Black Check & Red Floral Valance How-to 19

Today’s valance was inspired by the most asked about window treatment on the blog. We took the basic concept of both the style and fabric combination and tweaked it for a client making two valances and one cafe curtain based on the inspiration curtain.

Today I’m sharing the basic steps for making this scalloped, board mounted valance.  Continue reading

Black Plaid Pillows1

8 New Pillows Including 2 for Me

Ruffled & Trimmed Pillow

I love pillows. Feather pillows are my pillow of choice. Even as a child, instead of the typical blanky, I had a child size feather pillow that was my source of comfort. I still sleep on a feather pillow.

These pillows aren’t intended for sleeping but they are feather and beautiful and can definitely be considered a source of comfort!

This first set is all about the cuteness. We’ll call this fabric a dot but it’s actually more like a fingerprint. The color is also debatable. I’ve referred to it as orange, melon and coral on a flax background. What’s not debatable is how adorable these turned out!  Continue reading

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