Updated Kitchen 2

Kitchen Remodel Before and After

Updated Kitchen

Kitchen remodels, as many of you know, can be a daunting project. This remodel, which wasn’t like starting from the studs but consisted of more than just paint, was overwhelming at times and took several months from start to finish.

You got a glimpse of this kitchen when I shared Pam’s new widow treatments.

Now for the rest of the kitchen reveal.

First the BEFORE PICS…

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Gray Painted Chest Mecury Glass Knobs

Painted Entry Hall Chest Reveal

Gray Painted Chest Mecury Glass Knobs On the day I painted this chest I declared I was going to do something for myself.
I could have chosen to go shopping. Or get a massage. Or a manicure.
But I was in a stay-at-home-and-check-something-off-my-mental-to-do-list mood.
So I chose to paint furniture.
A piece I’ve been wanting to paint for a very long time.
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Painted Chest with Harlequin Pattern

The Story of a Little Painted Chest’s Transformation

Painted Chest with Harlequin Pattern

For the past several years this little chest has resided in my entry hall. I honestly can’t even remember how long I’ve had it. I’m trying to picture it in my previous home…but I can’t…so I guess that means less than 10 years since that’s how long we’ve lived in this home. Almost.

EDIT: MY sweet sis-in-law reminded me that is was at my previous house so I’ve had it longer than 10 years! LOL! And of course, once she reminded me where it was I remembered!

My memory is so crazy these days. I remember the most random of inconsequential things but can’t seem to recall important details. But that’s a post for another day. If I remember.

My brother Matt built this chest for me. I sent him a drawing plus dimensions, he built it and I painted it. Let’s say 9 years ago.

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Damask Panels with Valance & Velvet Ruffles

3 Pairs of Twice Loved Window Treatments for Sale

Damask Panels with Valance & Velvet Ruffles

Last week, while shopping with Courtney for a vintage dresser aka changing table for the new grand baby…we visited an antique mall I hadn’t been to in a while.

Right as we walked in, front and center, framing an adorable antique booth was a pair of colorful curtains in shades of pink, green & turquoise…full of ruffles and trim…that I’d made years ago!

I’m sure I embarrassed Courtney when I cried, “I made those! At least I think I did. They look just like the ones I made for a client! That’s crazy!” I kind of went on and on.

Wouldn’t you know it, the owner of the booth was there and overheard me…which wasn’t all that hard to do. She told me all about how she’d purchased them at a garage sale and is constantly having to tell her customers they’re not for sale.

I was so tickled. I realize my creations are not eternal. They’re perfect for a time and place but always subject to the next decorating whim. And that’s okay! But it was SO NICE to see these  particular curtains being used again. Being loved for the second time.

Today, you have the opportunity to purchase, at a great price compared to brand new custom window treatments, a pair of gently used curtain panels…this is your post!

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Cotton Lace Cafe Curtain

Cafe Curtain Tutorial and Guidelines

Cotton Lace Cafe Curtain (3)

This sweet little cafe curtain is a style that works in just about every room in the house. Here it’s shown above a kitchen sink but I’ve used this curtain, or variations of it, in entry halls, bathrooms, bedrooms, offices, living rooms and dining rooms.

Today I’m sharing a tutorial for this simple curtain, made from one piece of fabric. Technically, I suppose it’s one piece of fabric per panel.

Besides your fabric, all you need is a little bit of math, an iron and a straight stitch.

That’s it!

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Summer Blooms

Summer Flowers

By the end of August the blooming plants at my house are showing their age, wear and tear.

Or it could just be a lack of water due to the fact that I get quite lazy about watering plants this time of year.

These photos were taken earlier this month at my Mom’s house. How I wish I had her magic touch with plants.

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Sunrise Sisters

Random Thoughts on Summer, Family, Vacation and Baby Gender

Sunrise SistersSisters – Florida sunrise

In July, my three girls and I went on a road trip. It was a combination working vacation (for Kaleigh) and a visiting family road trip that took us from Oklahoma to Florida to North Carolina & Virginia and back to home to Oklahoma.

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