Master Bath Valance & Cafe Curtain

Master Bathroom Makeover and New Window Treatment

Master Bath Valance & Cafe Curtain

I should probably call this an update rather than a makeover because technically the changes I’ve made to our master bath are purely cosmetic. But new paint, window treatment, rugs and a couple of towels made a big difference! So, it’s a makeover to me.

My number one concern, beginning this process, was working with the existing tile. The main tile consists of two shades of beige, one with a strong yellow undertone, laid in a harlequin pattern on the floor and used in the shower and tub surround while the bullnose has a slight pink undertone. Two undertones that tend to fight each other.  Continue reading

1920's Remodel

The Month of May at the Hamilton House

Graduation May has to be one the busiest months of the year. Some years, more so than others.

Birthdays, Mother’s Day, prom, graduations, graduation parties, end of school activities, etc…so many events which all add up to a very busy May.

This crazy month has been full of activities that filled not only our time but our hearts as well.  Continue reading

Red & Aqua Girl's Bedroom

When Whimsy Meets Glam To Create a Stunning Bedroom

Red & Aqua Girl's Bedroom

Do you remember these pillows from this post?

Did you see these cuties and wonder just what the rest of the room looked like?

I’m not always fortunate enough to photograph an entire room after a project is finished. But in this case Jenni graciously invited me back into her home so I could take pictures of her daughter’s beautiful bedroom! Just for you!

Mirrored Armoire

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Orange Pantry Door

Gray & Orange Color Scheme with a Pantry Door Surprise

Valances for Kitchen Windows

This lovely home is situated on a small neighborhood lake with beautiful views and plenty of natural light streaming in along the back side of the house.

One of the main goals, as we designed the window treatments, was to enhanced the view without blocking it.

You may recognize the fabric and valance shown here. I previously shared this window treatment plus a tutorial and the valance above the kitchen sink but this is your first glimpse of the big picture.

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Round Pillow with Bling

Pillows, Pillow Inserts and More Pillows

Round Pillow with Bling

Age old question…Can you have too many throw pillows?

While not a new question around here, it’s definitely one worth debating again.

When it comes to making the bed or straightening the sofa I’m sure many would answer with a resounding…”YES, you can have too many pillows!”.

And yet, every time I walk through a fabric store I imagine all the pillow possibilities. I can’t help it!

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Tuffet and Mr Darcy Quote Pillow

No-Sew Poof CoverUp

Tuffet and Mr Darcy Quote Pillow

Aren’t poofs just the cutest things?

Several years ago a friend gave us an adorable pink, multi-patchworked poof which had long ago lost it’s luster. I had grand schemes in mind for re-covering it with awe inspiring sewing skills, the cutest of fabrics and trims like you’ve never seen before.

What I got was a no-sew, duvet-cover-turned-poof-cover with it’s own “flower top” detail.  Continue reading

Sheer Curtain Panels with Ribbon Ties

$7 Ribbon Tied Sheer Curtains for the Guest Bedroom

Girls Bedroom

The fact that this so-called “guest bedroom” looks more like a girl’s bedroom is, believe me, strikingly evident every time I walk in this room.

Given the fact that I’m trying to use only the things I already have on hand combined with the fact that 3 of my 4 kids are girls it’s sort of unavoidable that this room is girly.

Several of the fabric options I considered for this window included some old pink silk curtains, a gray check duvet cover that I toyed with making into curtains and several sheer options. The fabric I used was purchased at iKea a few years ago for $.99/yd as possible wedding decor but became curtains instead!

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Silk Dining Room Window Treatments

Silk Dining Room Window Treatment with Beaded Tieback

Silk Dining Room Window Treatments

Silk was my fabric of choice when I first began looking at options for this dining room window treatment. The issue was going to be finding the right icy blue-gray to complement the different shades of both colors found in this room.

Fortunately, I found the perfect fabric. A smooth, icy blue, silk called Patiala that provides just the right balance between blue and gray.

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