Cafe Curtain Collage

Sheer Cafe Curtain with Ruffled Cuff – Tutorial

Cafe Curtain Collage

The possibilities and combinations for this style of cafe curtain is limited only by our imaginations.

The basic concept – curtain with a cuff/flap and accented with a small ruffle – can be customized by the length, with trim, double ruffles, a tiny flange and more!

Today’s tutorial shows the steps for a sheer curtain but the concept can be altered to accommodate a lined curtain as well.

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Window Treatments

Aqua & Ivory Quatrefoil Window Treatments

Charming Living Room

My of my favorite projects is working with clients building a new house. The decision making process can be overwhelming when you’re choosing colors, finishes and fixtures all within a timeline.

Irene did an fantastic job with her choices. She had a distinct vision of how she wanted her new home to look plus she is always a joy to work with!

When it came to designing the window treatments for her open concept living room/kitchen we felt like we hit the jackpot when we found a gorgeous aqua and ivory embroidered quatrefoil.

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Living Room Window Treatments

5 New Window Treatments

Cafe Curtain and Friend

Today, I’m sharing a collection of 5 entirely different window treatments.

1. Cafe Curtain with Contrasting Cuff
The first one is a familiar style you seen several times here on the blog but not one this closely guarded! This little guy startled me everytime I walked around the corner!

This small space, situated just off the kitchen of this home, was so cool but so small it was very hard to get a good angle to show it’s charm. This small space, which includes a curved stone wall and very high ceilings, faces the front of the house. You might call this room a butler’s alcove. Just large enough for a granite counter, under counter storage including a small wine fridge and a very slender upper cabinet.

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How to Paint a Harlequin Diamond Wall (4)

How to Paint a Harlequin Diamond Wall

Red Harlequin DiamondsWhen Emily was building her new home she began gathering inspiration pics and ideas she hoped to incorporate into her new home.

One of those inspiration pics was the above photo that she saved to her phone after stumbling across it on Pinterest. Later she showed the photo to her friend Shannon mentioning she’d like to have something similar painted in her kitchen.
It just so happened that Shannon knew me, knew about Beyond the Screen Door and the rest…as they say…is history!

If you follow along on Instagram or Facebook you may recognize this project! 

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Navy & Flax Floral Window Treatments (3)

Navy Floral Bathroom Window Treatment & Ottoman

Navy & Flax Floral Window Treatments (3)

I wavered back and forth on how to describe the color of this floral. The fabric itself is called Harris Navy, a linen blend fabric with a traditional Jacobean print, but I wouldn’t call it a true navy.

Prussian Blue? Blue-gray? Steel Blue? Navy-ish?

In Irene’s new home, the wall color is Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams and the glass accent tiles around the master bathtub are in varying shades of gray. When we found this fabric we knew it was the perfect choice for this master bathroom.

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Custom Handpainted Artwork (5)

5 Creative Projects and an Office Update

Custom Handpainted Artwork (5)

Occasionally, when working with a client I get the opportunity to step away from fabric, pick up a paint brush and create artwork. You may remember this piece, one of the first pieces I shared here on the blog.

Most recently, while working on an office update, I was able to create two contemporary pieces for the IPHC Discipleship Ministries Department where my daughter Kaleigh works.

Contemporary Office Space

Working with an existing red leather sofa as inspiration, I chose a color scheme of gray, red and black including elements of dark wood and metal. A warm contemporary feel with a touch of industrial.

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Home Staging on a Budget

Over the past few years, as the term Home Staging has become a household word, we’ve all come to realize just how important this step is in selling your home.

According to Wikipedia “Home staging is the act of preparing a private residence for sale in the real estate marketplace. The goal of staging is to make a home appealing to the highest number of potential buyers…”

Kitchenphoto via – 31 Days to a Staged Home 

“What does this mean, exactly?” “How does staging differ from the way I normally decorate my home?”

We design our homes based on our on personal likes and dislikes.

By definition, home staging is based on presenting the most universally appealing home possible for the process of resale.

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Turquoise Front Door Winter

Our Winter Home

Turquoise Front Door Winter

I took these photos several weeks ago during a small winter storm. While much of the country is measuring their snowfall in feet, this storm is hardly worth mentioning by comparison.

But it was such a pretty snow I had to take a few pics and, of course, share.

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