Living Room

How to Spend Your Decorating Dollars

Living Room & KitchenI once had a client tell me I was a Fabric Snob.

She was joking at the time and seriously…I wasn’t the least bit offended…because it’s the truth.

I work with fabric on a daily basis and I like working with quality fabrics! But quality fabrics, along with all home decor and accessories, come with a price tag.

How do you decide where to spend your decorating dollars when there’s so many things to spend those dollars on?
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Cafe Curtain with Ruffled Hem

Ruffled Ivory & Gray Cafe Curtain

Cafe Curtain with Ruffled Hem

Tamara contacted me several months ago asking about window treatments for her new kitchen. We worked long distance via email, phone calls and texts to the create this adorable little cafe curtain for her kitchen!

The window above the sink measures 46×46 and faces west. While Tamara wanted to allow in as much light as possible you can imagine the amount of sunlight that comes though this window during the evening.

We narrowed our curtain options down to a cafe curtain mounted at 31″ high.

Countertops are 36″ high + approximately 10″ from the counter to the window sill + 31″ curtain height places the rod approximately 77″ off the floor.

This height keeps the sun under control while working in the kitchen, gives Tamara the privacy she needs as well as lets in plenty of light above the curtain when it’s closed.

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White Kitchen Aaron_Snow_Photography.AES_6158

A White Vintage/Modern Kitchen Before & After

White Kitchen Aaron_Snow_Photography.AES_6158

I’m so excited to finally share my daughter Courtney’s kitchen renovation with you! It’s been a long time coming but definitely worth the wait.

When Courtney and Drew purchased their 1927 home, in a historic neighborhood in Oklahoma City, the kitchen had nothing to recommend itself except the size.

All the charming details you see today, the eclectic mix of vintage and modern, was brought to life during the renovation.
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Pleated Sheer Curtain

When to Use Pleated Sheer Cafe Curtains

Pinch Pleat Sheer Detail

Many of the curtains I make from sheer fabrics are cafe curtains. Sometimes they are made for large windows like my dining room window and sometimes for small windows like those above a kitchen sink or even in a closet.

The #1 reason for using a sheer fabric is for the amount of light it allows into a space.

Yet, allowing in that light often results in a lack of privacy.

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Dining Room Curtains Embassy Green wall color

Dining Room Window Treatment and New Paint Color

Dining Room Window Treatments BM Embassy Green wall color

Our dining room faces the front of the house and it one of the first rooms you see when you walk in. It’s not a large room but by using the vintage sofa and adding more chairs around the 60″ table I can seat (squeeez) up to 10 people.

Last year I made new floor length curtain panels, finished new sheers earlier this year and painted over the glazed walls 2 weeks ago. More about the new paint below. 

While fairly simple, this dining room update was at least a year in the making!  Continue reading

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