Pillow Tutorial with Pleated Corner Flange

Ruffled Corner Flange Pillow Tutorial 24

Today’s tutorial is from another pillow grouping I made for Bobette. Two floral pillows with 1/4″ piping made from the same fabric and an adorable plaid pillow featuring a center fabric covered button and a pleated corner flange.

Recently I shared this same technique for a continuous pleated flange. In today’s post I’m sharing all the details for making this pillow with it’s pleated corners.  Continue Reading…

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My New Living Room Window Treatments Before & After

Living Room Window Treatments 1

With these new window treatments I did something I’ve never done before.

I have a very strong “I can make that myself” impulse. I like the challenge of creating things myself and the satisfaction of knowing “I made that!” 

And of course, in many instances, the only way something is affordable is to do it yourself.

But this time I treated myself.  Continue Reading…

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Tutorial – Cafe Curtain with Ruffled Cuff and Trim

Cafe Curtain with Cuff Tutorial 1

Several years ago I made a collection of aqua & brown animal print pillows and window treatments for Laura’s master bedroom & bathroom.

Recently she sent the remnants from that project and asked if I could make a small cafe curtain for a tiny window in her bathroom.

Today I’m going to show you how I pieced the various remnants to create a coordinating cafe curtain.  Continue Reading…

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Pillow Tutorial Playing with Stripes

Playing with Stripes Pillow 20

Several years ago I accidentally discovered the fact that you can create some pretty amazing designs by playing around with stripes.

I was working with a large piece of fabric that featured a big bold stripe. As I tossed it aside, I noticed it folded in on itself to form a cool pattern. I started playing around with the fabric that eventually ended up being pillows for a boy’s bedroom room and game room.

Of course, manipulating stripes is nothing new – I see it all the time in quilt patterns – but it was new to me!

Recently, I had the opportunity to play around with a bold stripe again. This time using a bright pink stripe for Bobette’s living room.  Continue Reading…

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Making Memories

Jake & Jesse - Jordan Mobley Photography My Uncle Henry was fond of saying “We’re making memories”.

And for the past few weeks that’s exactly what we’ve been doing.

Continue Reading…

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Beaded Cafe Curtain and How to Sew On Curtain Rings

Ivory & Gray Cafe Curtain 2

When it comes to curtain hardware – rods, brackets and rings – I have a few standards that I tend to use the most often.

This small 1″ black metal ring is available just about anywhere curtain hardware is sold. The trouble is it’s usually available as a clip ring.

What if you’d rather sew on the rings? No problem. Nothing a pair of pliers can’t fix.  Continue Reading…

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How to Make Inexpensive Outdoor Pillows

Outdoor Pillows 2

I love both the look and function of outdoor pillows during the summer.

And we really use them! But we’re also really forgetful about remembering to bring them in during bad weather so I didn’t want to spend a lot of money.

When I found these fabrics for only $3 and $4 a yard I thought I’d found a bargain until I saw pillows at Marshalls…out of the exact same yellow trellis-like fabric…for only $10 each!

At that price, why should I bother making them?

Since I’d already purchased the fabric, it became my self appointed mission to make outdoor pillows for less than I could have purchased them.  Continue Reading…

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How to Spend Your Decorating Dollars

Living Room & KitchenI once had a client tell me I was a Fabric Snob.

She was joking at the time and seriously…I wasn’t the least bit offended…because it’s the truth.

I work with fabric on a daily basis and I like working with quality fabrics! But quality fabrics, along with all home decor and accessories, come with a price tag.

How do you decide where to spend your decorating dollars when there’s so many things to spend those dollars on?
Continue Reading…

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